Monday, March 3, 2008

Rounding the Bend

Well, not to overuse the analogy, but today was spent at UVA Health Center getting outfitted and prepared for the white water ahead. We arrived in Charlottesville last night and set Linda up in a small efficiency apartment. After a fairly comfortable night, we presented ourselves to the Melanoma Center first thing in the morning. After another thorough exam, review of all recent events and test results, Dr Grosh outlined the plans for the day: We had repeat tests (lab, EKG, Chest X-ray) and were transferred to the interventional radiology department for placement of a "dual-port catheter". This is a device inserted beneath the skin just below the clavicle with a catheter leading into the major vein that empties into the right upper chamber of the heart. This will serve as on-going access for future blood draws as well as the port through which the Interleukin-2 will be delivered. After the procedure, I was transferred to my room, a very nice spacious room with a view of the surrounding hill country.

The therapy will actually begin in the morning, Tuesday, 3/4/08. We are both doing fairly well and cannot express adequately our gratitude for the outpouring of love and prayers on our behalf. It is likely that Linda will keep you updated once we enter the "white water".

Still celebrating each day,


  1. Please know we are on this ride with you, but more importantly, Jesus is right there also. Thanks again for being so kind to consider all who are concerned by keeping us up to date. Prayer is ongoing.......

    Don and Donna

  2. And it is there, in the midst of the storm that you may find the greatest peace of all. Our fervent prayers as always are with you both. And most assuredly our love. God is with you.
    Emily Arters

  3. Praying daily for you both.


  4. You are all in our thoughts and prayers EVERY day. We hope your white water will be as calm as possible under the circumstances. The kids send lots of love and many hugs for their favorite doctor.

    Stacy, Joe & kids