Friday, March 28, 2008

Hangin' In There

It is Friday, March 28, 2008. Dan is in the hospital at UVA waiting for dose #11 of this round of Interluken 2. (Last round he only tolerated 8 doses, so he is doing great this time!) He isn't feeling up to blogging at this stage of the game, so I (Linda) get to write a note to the "Fan Club".

He is doing "fine". "Fine" involves symptoms no one else would consider fine, but when you are trying to poison yourself enough to kill off cancer cells what is a little headache, fever, chills, shakes, nausea, and elephant ankles? We anticipate returning home tomorrow (Sat.). He won't undergo further treatment for several months, but will have numerous tests to show how amazingly quickly the tumors are shrinking!!!

Thanks for your continued prayer. We feel blessed indeed to have so many caring people lifting us up to the Great Healer!


  1. 11! Good grief! I just figured you guys would be heading home today. Give daddy a kiss for me and we'll talk to you sometime this weekend.

  2. O Lord,

    You are the great physician, and with You, all things are possible. I humbly, yet boldly ask that you COMPLETELY heal Dr. Crabtree of anything in his body that does not belong there. I pray that you will give him many, many more years to enjoy his family and particularly, his grandbabies. Lord, would you show Yourself strong and use Dr. C. as an example of your might? Thank You, Father, for your faithfulness and for calling us your children.

    In the Name of Jesus,

    Fight! Fight! Fight! :-)
    Kristen Stapp

  3. Hi dad! We are so proud you have made it through so many sessions! After you recover a bit we will have to have an Interluken Graduation Party. We will celebrate and claim the miracle of what God is doing in you! See you soon!
    Love, Kim & Alan, Morgan, Madison, Matthew, and "Bubba".

  4. Dan!
    WOW! 11 sessions... that is awesome. Hang in there brother-in-law, once you are all done it is certainly a cause to celebrate.
    Much thought and prayer

  5. My Bro Dan!

    You ARE amazing! Eleven sessions! Incredible! Fantastic job!! I agree with Kim, Christianne, Barb and everyone else. Once this is over, we need to throw you the biggest, best celebration party ever!

    God Bless you, Linda and your entire family.

    All my love, Debbie

  6. Did someone say a party? I'm in!

    I stand amazed at what God is doing in and through you guys. Like you, I anxiously await God's glory being demonstrated. I don't know how He will do it, but He will.

  7. 11 sessions! Our God is an Awesome God! Praise Jesus Christ for his everlasting mercy! There is so much i want to say and share with you about how faithful our Lord and Savior has been in both our struggles, I have witnessed thru your trials and thru Pastor Kenny's teachings this sunday so much i have taken for granted. I was awakened it seems from a mundane stuck in a rut exsistence of trying to say the right things but really not a commited life change like i have experienced these last couple of weeks by reading your blog and taking it in my heart what you Dan, and what you Linda, have in your relationship with Christ and how your deep commitment for eachother have persevered thru this incredible journey. I weep just thinking how the scriptures detail "All things happen for the Glory of God" I am truely in Awe how real those words are. As Pastor Kenny said today they are God Breathed, inerrorant, and directed for the Good. Much love goes your way from john quain & family.