Friday, February 15, 2008

My Valentine

At the risk of embarrasing everyone I know, including myself, I want to share with you a poem I wrote for my wonderful wife this Valentine's Day. This story is not just about me, for I am no longer one... not since I married Linda. In this covenant called marriage we have plumbed the mystery, pain, and joy of what the Bible means when it declares "and the two shall become one flesh." I am grateful to God for this gift.


She’s not just a friend, a buddy, a pal,
A companion with whom you want to share all.
Not just a girlfriend who hates to be teased
But laughs just the same to put you at ease.
Not a confrere you can trust to the core,
She’s not just these things, she’s more.

When friendship had deepened to love that endures
Her notes never closed with “Sincerely yours”
Not willing to bridle true love and devotion,
Her fathomless passion’s like sounding the ocean.
Lost in the depths of this intimate ardor,
I declare that my lover is more.

Nearly forty years now, I’ve called her my wife,
As two became one and promised for life
To share in all things, through sickness and health,
We’ve known joys in want and blessings of wealth.
Mom to three girls, ever praised and adored
Her worth's not yet measured, there's more.

Her laugh lifts me up in this friendship so rare,
She has passion and warmth and beauty to spare.
An incomparable wife with wisdom like gold,
A life lived for God, both humble and bold.
E'er I leave this world, whatever's in store,
I want all to know this woman is more.

More than a friend... a lover... a wife…
She’s my flesh, my soul, my Linda, my life.

With all my love,


  1. How sweet! Prayed just today that you and Linda would have wonderful times together.

    Anita :)

  2. That is a wonderful meaningful. I've asked the prayer team at my church to remember you as they meet together. I hope you feel stronger just knowing voices are being lifted up for you throughout the world.


  3. How could anyone possibly get upset at such a beautiful testament of love? Would that everyone could love and be loved as selflessly as the two of you. We too have asked our church family to pray for you and your family. One thing is for sure, Heaven's gate will be flooded with prayers on your behalf until your journey has ended (in the best way -- of course!!)

    Stacy & Family

  4. You never cease to amaze me Dan. I had no idea you were such a poet. What a beautiful poem of a love that is so inspirational and loving.

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

    All my love, thoughts & prayers, Your little sister Debbie

  5. Hi Dan and Linda,

    What a neat Poem! I even had to look up some of the words (confrere)?

    You are truly an amazing man, Dan, and always have been. I am so very blessed to number you among my friends. You always speak and walk the talk, be it singing at a Promise Keepers rally, tending to medical needs of guests during "House the Homeless" week, in small group Bible Study or in your Blog postings. May God continue to keep you in the center of His will as you undergo the challenge before you, and may he provide special support to Linda as she ministers to you in this time of need.

    Bud Livers