Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Publish or Not to Publish?

Today is the two month anniversary of Dan's passing into his new life with Jesus.

The first words friends utter in greeting to me are always the same, "How are you doing?" And I am happy to let you all know that I am indeed doing "fine". I really am. That doesn't mean that I don't cry or get choked up talking about him or about the grandchildren's bewilderment over when they can see Grandpa again.... But I really am doing fine. I am choosing to count my blessings, even in my grief.

I have spent the last two months writing thank you notes and responses to the many, many people who so kindly helped me or gave memorial gifts at the time of the funeral (which, by the way, turned out to be an absolutely wonderful evening of honoring Dan and glorifying the Lord! I have it on DVD, but I think 90 minutes is too long for U-Tube?) There is also a lot of life's business that must be tended to at times like these, so I have been tending to it.
But, if you are here on Dan's blog site, you are most likely seeking something concerning him and most likely you don't know what that something is. I suggest you review his former blogs and allow yourself to be blessed all over again.

Many, many of you suggested these writings be published. We did look into that prospect while he was alive and concluded that publishing a book is quite easy with all the self-publishing vehicles available. Marketing it is not easy. Soooo, I appeal to the wisdom and experience of you, readers. Do you have any informed suggestions concerning publishing a book of his blog entries? I do not want to spend a lot of money, let alone the time and energy, to publish a stack of books that just sit in boxes, being a tribute to vanity. (I don't want to make a lot of money, I just don't want to lose it!) The blogs are already public and will remain available. Would enough people be willing to buy in book format what they can get freely and easily on line?

"To Publish or Not to Publish?" (And "how"?) That is the question I ask you.

Leave a comment here. If you can't figure out how to leave a comment, you can email me at

Blessings to you, kind readers.



  1. I've heard of self publishing companies that don't involve an inventory--the book is just printed individually as requested. Maybe that would work.

  2. I have known people to use
    it's almost similar to making a photobook, but it would be more like uploading pdf's ... the site advertises prices as low as 4.95, and it can even link you to amazon, so those you love, or have loved dan's thoughts, can make their own purchase of the book...

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for the tip on! It looks like a wonderful tool and a very good option. I shall consider it.
    I'm still open to other suggestions, readers, if you have any...

  4. Dearest Mrs. C.
    Yes, I would buy it even though I have access to the blog. Dr. Crabtree was so very special to me and I would love to own something of his that was so personal to him.
    "Dr. Crabtree was MY Doctor."

    Darlene Jones

  5. I would like to buy a book, because I like hard copies that I can hold in my hand and pass around for others to read. Thanks. Lilia

  6. Linda - Absolutely, publish Dan's blog, and be sure to include your writings, as well. Paula and I would love to have it in book form. We'd also purchase copies to give to family and friends. The blog has been such a blessing to so many and has the potential to touch so many more.

  7. absolutely publish. I would get in touch with a few professors in the English Dept. at Regent and see what they may suggest. I think if proceeds from the book went to cancer research or another charity that was close to Dan's heart, then you'd feel better about the vanity part. But, I think publishing would be not just a legacy to his life, but another way, another effort in winning lives for Christ. I can think of at least ten people off the top of my head that I'd give his book to to encourage them and be a light for their families as they struggle through similar fates.

  8. Linda,

    I agree that you should publish Dan's entries--and yours. I think it would be a very poignant story. Let us know how we can pray for and encourage you in this endeavor!


  9. Linda, I agree with Chuck and Bridget above: Yes, do publish Dan's blog entries, but also include yours.

    The two of you are so inspring and encouraging.

    "Cousin Fern"

  10. Hi Linda...
    We never met, but I read Dr. Dan's blog and am a fellow Stage 4 Melanoma Warrior from Chesapeake, VA. His writings and yours, hold such valuable information for so many of us. We learn, yes learn, how to fight with courage and grace never forsaking our beliefs, hopes and FAITH that our Lord is ever present and through His glorious strength I/we stand firm....never alone, never fearful.
    Publishing his blog entries would be ever so inspirational to many. The proceeds could be donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation.
    Dr. Dan touched many. Peace.....

    Deborah Hennessy Stage 4 MM SURVIVOR
    Commissioner of Fine Arts
    Chesapeake, VA