Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taste and See!

As difficult as this year has been, it has been indeed one of the BEST years ever. Just witness all He has done in the following pictorial review of 2008 for the Crabtrees. (Please be patient as the program opens and the slide show begins -- hope you enjoy)

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May you savor the goodness of God in the New Year!


  1. Thanks for sharing your lives with us this year. You continue to be in our prayers.
    Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Dr.Dan and Linda,
    Thank you ever so much for sharing of yourselves and your lives with us this past year. You are always in our prayers. May God continue to bless you all in 2009. Have a wonderful New Year!! He has blessed us with his continued faithfulness and steadfast love.

  3. Dr. Crabtree,

    Our prayer for your family is that you continue to enjoy GOD's beauty and love. Whether you know it or not, every entry you have posted has taught so much to those fortunate enough to read them. Your will to live and your gentle spirit have evoked a calming influence. Chaotic times have been viewed from a different perspective. Always the healer, now you heal the spirit of those you touch not just the body as you once did.

    May you continue to be blessed by GOD's healing grace.

    With continued prayers for your continued health improvement.

    Stacy, Joe, Kirist, Kelsi, Gregory, Kati & Justin

  4. Wow. I get it. When you first told us all of your diagnosis, I thought you were being shortchanged on time. Instead, you and your family were given more time than ever before.

    Thank you for sharing the year with us. We love and pray for you.
    Richard & Lisa

  5. Dan and Linda,
    I was brought to your site after reading of Dans recurrance of cancer in the church's weekly pamphlet. I am a new comer to the Tab family, as is the rest of my family, so you would not know of me. I would like to say Thank You though. I have read every post you have written from the very first one, and have had to old back many tears for you and your family.

    It took me many years, 25 to be exact, to come to know the Lord, that is a long story. I am still learning and take every opportunity that I can to do so. I recently stood by my uncles bed as he all but died from an aggressive form of Prostate cancer. He died one week to the day after I left Florida.

    The thing that I remember the most is when he looked at me after I had prayed with him and he said "Look at you! I would have never thought I would see the day that you would be praying for me, or anyone for that matter." He continued to commend me on my family and career.

    This rings in my ear everyday. God can change anything and anyone, if we just give into Him and let Him take control of our lives. This message is carried throughout your postings, and in your life.

    I pray in Jesus' name that you will be delivered from this cancer. But if it is not in His plan for you to overcome this illness, that you have lived each day with a growing knowledge of His love for you.

    May God Bless you and your family.

    Charles, Arynne, Kendall, Brandon and Jason

  6. Dan & Linda,
    I don't if you remember us from Muskegon, but when we learned of your diagnosis and now have been reading about your journey, we have been stunned, moved and inspired throughout your story. You have always held a special place in our hearts and we want you to know that we pray for you often. Thank you for opening your soul, which has been a well of insights into how each of us should look at what God allows to come into lives when we least expect it.
    With our continued prayer,
    Dave & Donna Kooi

  7. Dr. Crabtree,
    Thank you for your inspirational blog and sharing your journey.
    We will continue to pray for you and your family
    The Fuller family

  8. Dan, Linda & family--
    I posted a comment in Aug/Sept when Jamye found out about your condition fm Dan Cooper at KGBC. I'm sorry I have not been in touch with you all, since I consider you one of my best friends--who greatly enriched our marriage, and strenghtened our walk with Jesus Christ through your insightful teaching at the old Cornerstone Sunday school class.
    I have been away from the area extensively since 9-11---Korea, Baharain, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Pentagon, etc--but I'm finally back in Va Beach until I retire (hopefully). I acquired a condition (Reiter's syndrome) during my tour in Pakistan/Afghanistan--which put me in Portsmouth hospital for a couple of months--and am still recovering (hopefully full recovery within the next year).
    It was so distressing and discouraging to read your August blog and see your transition from this world to eternal life was emminent. Jamye and I went into fervent prayer at that time---then I travelling a bit and my computer crashed and I lost the link to your blog---and frankly was avoiding it---because I didn't want to see you were gone or had to endure such suffering. I knew Dan Cooper or Beth at KGBC would let me know. This morning Dan sent me your blog link---and it is truely A MIRACLE!!

    God Bless you Dan, Linda and your beautiful family--and our prayers are with you for your continued healing and perserverance.

    -Jamye and I would love to come by and visit soon,
    Bob Elder

  9. Dan,
    I have been following your blog and praying for you for several months. I worked for you at Harborwood for several years as a lab tech. I knew you as a man of God who walked his talk but this sharing is life changing. It just demonstrates, yet again, that God can use you in any circumstance to add to his kingdom if we are only available to Him. May God continue to give you and your family the gift of peace and the knowledge that He is in control.

    Bless you Dan,
    Dawn Ames

  10. I am so blessed by your willing to share your life with all of us. God is good! What an amazing year. I love you both.