Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life, Celebrated Daily!

If you fly into our town, you will be greeted with this sign as you leave the airport: It welcomes you to the city of Norfolk with the motto “Life, Celebrated Daily” and the ubiquitous mermaid, a symbol of the area’s maritime history.

The city motto has taken on special meaning for me over the last six months. This past week marks a significant milestone in that on January 23, 2008 I first learned that I had far advanced cancer throughout my body with a life expectancy of less than six months from that date. Not only have I survived beyond that initial predicted life span but have every hope of complete eradication of a cancer that at one time had invaded brain, lungs, liver, spleen, lymph nodes and nearly every major bone of my body. I have experienced an overwhelming supply of love from others and the magnificent power of God’s grace and healing touch.

And to make this celebration even sweeter, this week we welcomed our eighth grandbaby into the family. On July 22 our youngest daughter Christianne Page gave birth to Adelaide Joy, weighing in at 7# 5 oz, 20” long. Kudos to Dr Holly Puritz who skillfully performed an urgent (repeat) cesarean delivery and provided much needed encouragement and TLC for both mom and daddy David throughout the procedure. As you can see, Adelaide is beautiful, healthy, and one of grandma and grandpa’s greatest joys. We are enormously grateful to be so blessed with this new little life at the same time that we are celebrating my new lease on life.

Through it all, the entire family has learned to celebrate life daily. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Each human encounter is precious. The marvelous promise that Jesus made 2000 years ago has become our daily experience: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

Abundant life… We have learned that He was not talking about longevity, nor prosperity, nor even necessarily fun and happiness. He certainly was not talking about a pain-free existence or a life bereft of difficulties, trials, or adversity. What He has promised and delivered is a life of superior quality, a life abundant with meaning and purpose, a life rewarded with unimpeachable joy and a transcendent hope – all experienced daily.

Those of you who have participated with us on this journey through prayer and expressions of heart-felt concern are one source of our joy. May each of you be as blessed as we with an abundant life… celebrated daily!



PS – I highly recommend Linda’s recent blog as she reflects on the significance of the arrival of Adelaide Joy.


  1. Thanks for your continuous words of wisdom.

    In that picture with Adelaide, it looks as if she knows she's been sent from heaven down to see you. :) What a blessing.

  2. Dan,
    Sooooo happy to see Adelaide in your arms!!!! Hope you don't mind, but I've shared a little bit about you in my blog. Continuing the prayers for healing.
    Anita :)

  3. Look how happy Adelaide is to be in her grandpa's arms! HOORAY!

  4. What a blessing for all of you. We are all so glad you are getting stronger and you have been given a new lease on life. All of you must be so excited about Adelaide's birth. We are currently visiting relatives in Colorado and each time we visit here I am totally awed by the majesty and beauty of GOD's creation. I happened to be outside the other night looking up at the night sky, totally amazed once again at how close the stars and Milky Way looked, it was at that moment that you happened across my thoughts. Your blogs have helped to put many things into perspective and reminded me of some life lessons I had forgotten about. Thank you and your family so very much for sharing such a personal experience (the good the bad and the ugly) with all of us.

    Congratualations again on the birth of Adelaide, she is beautiful and looks quite content in Grandpa's safe arms.

  5. Congratulations on your new granddaughter. Please let us know when you are in our area. We would love to visit with you.

  6. AMEN!

    Kristen Stapp