Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lessons From My Grandchildren

. Asher, Madison, Evelyn, Mark, Matthew, Me, Zephan, Morgan

One thing that has surprised and exhilarated me through this ordeal is how the Lord has used little incidents to speak to me of His wisdom and His love. My guess is that He has always been trying to reveal Himself in this manner, but in my life “BC” (before cancer) I was too busy (or deaf) to listen.

In a recent incident, my granddaughter Evelyn uttered what can only be considered a beautiful prophecy. Linda and I were visiting our oldest daughter Kim in her new home, helping organize and unpack. Christianne, our youngest, David, her husband, and their daughter, Evie were also on hand.

As the time came for us to leave, 3-year old Evie ran to me and wrapping her little frame around my leg exclaimed, “But I don’t want you to go home, because…” Her little mind conjured up her most persuasive argument: “…Because, I love you!” And then, “Can I have some strawberries?” (The latter phrase probably of no prophetic significance.)

Well, it looks like “because He loves me” my home-going will be postponed. I am so grateful to be so loved.

Another lesson I am learning was also inspired by my grandchildren. Awakened in the middle of the night with these thoughts, I committed them to poetry. I share them with you in hopes that you may embrace these truths without having to travel the same path.

To End with “And…”

Tucking our granddaughter into bed
Recounting the castles we made of sand
Sleepily now her prayers are said
“God bless Mommy, and Daddy, and…”

As dreamy delights wash over her mind
Her voice now fades to some distant land
I gaze at her peaceful face and find
That there’s promise in ending with “and…”

Once driven at a frenetic pace
Subscribed to all the profession demands
Breathlessly would I run the race
Little time for “ifs, buts, or ands”

Then arrested by my potential demise,
Malignancy confirmed with each scan
I pause to consider my fate a disguise
For new life that makes room for “and…”

To know Him in unending days
Starting now with the touch of His hand
Herein is eternal life…” He says.
‘Tis futile to work to this end.

When once a period completed each phrase,
Every move made precisely as planned,
Now there are endless refrains of praise
As each day ends with “And…”


PS – a beautiful song that resonates this same theme is Chris Rice’s And His Praise Goes On, especially the final verse. Click on the title to read the lyrics, then the icon in the right upper corner to listen to the song.

Renewed in strength, we head back to Charlottesville on Sunday for the second week of this second cycle of high-dose Interleukin-2 therapy. This promises to be the most challenging session yet. We covet your prayers!


  1. I love this poem. It puts into words what some people never get the chance to experience: the chance to pay attention. I think God sometimes bonks us on the head to get us to see things, don't you?
    Thank you for reminding us what is really important. Our prayers are still with you and Linda.
    Richard and Lisa Colvin

  2. When I first learned of your cancer, I grieved with you, Linda and your family. Then, very selfishly, I also grieved over the personal loss in my life of a doctor, Sunday School teacher, Care Group Leaders leader, and what could have been an untimely loss of a friend. I've watched this miracle unfold, confounded by the work of God in not just your physical body, but in the spiritual body, inclusive of so many lives. Again, you were touching so many of us by your written and verbal testimony of God's healing powers. So often my focus was still on how what was going on in your life impacted "us", those outside your immediate family. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to so many of us, but I am so happy to know that you get your "ands...", and that your family gets your "ands..." Although I'm certain God will continue to use you to bring glory to Him, and touch so many lives with His love and truth,I am ok to not have you as my physician, Sunday School teacher or Care Group Leaders leader. Instead, I'm thrilled that you are still a friend and that you have found the "ands...." in your life.


  3. Hi Brother Dan.

    The other night, knowing you were going back for the next round of treatment, I woke in the middle of night and immediately thought of you and Linda. Without hesitation, I found myself saying another prayer for all of you. We believe in the "power of prayer" and you WILL succeed in this battle.

    Your poem was absolutely amazing!

    With all my love, Debbie

  4. Wow -- thank you! We are praying for you right now. May He continue to bless you with all of the healing you need.

    Sam and Jenny

  5. Praying for strength for this continuing battle. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and lessons learned.

    p.s.: Please tell Dr. Grosh I said hello.